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Check out this FTO coffee from Sumatra. This full-bodied coffee is a single-origin coffee that we use as a baseline for our espressos but also goes great as a stand-alone coffee for your favorite brewing method.  


Producer Details: 

Region:  Ache

Miller:  Royal Pacific

Altitude:  1400-1600 M

Grade:  Grade 1 Double Picked

Processing:  Giling Basha (Wet-hulled)

Varietal:  Tim Tim, Typica, Ateng, Onan Ganjang, Jember

Harvest:  Nov-May

Fair Trade Organic Sumatra

    • Roast Type: Medium
    • Tasting Notes: Full bodied, earthy, chocolate
    • Flat Rate: $5.00
    • Local Delivery (30 Mile Radius): $3.00
    • Local Pickup During Retail Hours Available on Fridays from 2-6PM: $0
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