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Coffee Is Our Game!

Coffee has become a ritual over the centuries. It encompasses an experience countless people partake in and truly enjoy. Coffee is powerful. It frequently assists in strengthening communities, improving efficiency in the workplace, and being the little seed that helps inspire grand ideas in the minds of many. Coffee in various ways creates its own unique culture, a Coffee Culture, which positively contributes to societies all over the world.

Our story humbly began on February 2014 in Larry Hancock’s parent’s garage. Using a grill purchased from Craigslist, rigged with a Chevy windshield wiper motor and a rotisserie drum, might I add, we roasted small batches of coffee beans and sold them at farmers markets as well as to friends and family. In 2018, we moved out of our parent's garage and into a beautiful 1920’s brick building in Downtown Hopewell. One thing that hasn’t changed over the years is offering a high-quality coffee experience. With the option of many coffees and the ability to create your own blend, we will even name it after you. Our goal is to offer a coffee for every palate. 


While we strive to offer some of the best coffee possible, our passion isn’t just coffee… it’s the people we interact with on a daily basis. Legacy Roasting Company not only strives to create a positive legacy for our families, but a positive Legacy for our communities as well. Will you join us in being a part of the Legacy coffee family?


Nestled in Hopewell, Virginia

Our company is established on the 3 “C’s” pillars. Those being Christ, Coffee, and Community. Christ is our “why” that drives our company. Coffee is our “what” and Community is our “who”.  We strive to not create a legacy for ourselves but the surrounding communities where we live, work and play in. Our goal is to create a community of business model mindset where anyone with a passionate of making a positive impact can do so.

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